The workshop

Each TRAINBOX is unique and is only hand-made to order in our own workshop.
After the final internal dimensions have been determined with the customer, production begins. Computer-controlled machines (CNC) are used here, which enable particularly precise milling and even engraved lettering. In addition, ruts in the interior and on the crate floor can be placed with millimeter precision.
TRAINBOX workshop Hamburg, Germany
The TRAINBOX workshop in Hamburg, Germany

Transport boxes made of 100% wood

The TRAINBOX works without any metal connections and is still extremely stable. All corner connections are glued with wooden slats and can withstand higher loads.
We always keep you up to date during the manufacturing process. So you get a little insight into the workshop work and see your own TRAINBOX in the making.
Each TRAINBOX transport box is unique due to the natural wood grain. Since wood is a natural product, differences in the grain cannot be ruled out. But that is what makes these wooden transport boxes so special.
TRAINBOX wagon box being glued
TRAINBOX wagon box being glued
TRAINBOX Loco Box being glued
TRAINBOX Loco Box being glued
TRAINBOX Engraving Live Steam
TRAINBOX CNC engraving "Live Steam"
TRAINBOX loco box test track
TRAINBOX test track in front of the workshop

Engraving with CNC technology

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