Trainbox: The wagon transport box

Your model railroad wagons should be stored protected from light and transported safely.
TRAINBOX is the practical wagon transport box for passenger coaches and freight cars of gauge 1, G (LGB), gauge II or gauge 0. With tailor-made solutions, you get exactly the right transport box made to measure for your model railroad wagons.
With the TRAINBOX configurator you can make a non-binding inquiry for a made-to-measure wooden transport box.

wagon crate gauge 1 75cm Trainbox
Individual wagon transport boxes for passenger coaches and freight cars of various gauges
wagon crate model train


TRAINBOX transport boxes for model railroad cars are available in any size with multiple compartments. Regardless of whether you need a transport box in 1, 2, G / LGB or 0 gauge for your passenger coaches or for freight wagons, you will find the right size here.

Simply let us know the desired interior dimensions in the transport crate configurator and you will receive a non-binding offer for your TRAINBOX.

Model railway wagon transport boxes in 1, 0, II and G gauge (LGB)




100% Wood

Protected wagon transport

With the TRAINBOX, you can always transport your passenger wagons and freight cars of all gauges well protected to club meetings, trade fairs, exhibitions and model railway exchanges. The TRAINBOX transport box is characterized by its high stability and low weight and can be stacked as required.

Transportbox passenger coaches 1 gauge
Milled ruts
Transport box wagon box G LGB gauge
Levels for several wagons

Advantages of the wagon transport box

Wagon crate gauge 0 TRAINBOX
TRAINBOX 80cm wagon crate made of wood


“The TRAINBOX transport boxes with three levels are a great idea and really practical! Now I can always transport my long 1-gauge passenger cars safely and securely to 1-gauge meetings. Thank you!”

Jan F. from Hamburg, 3 wagon boxes & 4 loco boxes gauge 1

“Thank you again for the beautiful and very well thought-out transport box.

I’m excited!”

Jürgen P. from Hamburg, owns 2 loco boxes in gauge 1

wagon crate gauge 1 75cm Trainbox
TRAINBOX wagon transport box 75cm with Fulgurex CIWL coaches
Freight wagon box, gauge 1, 60cm Trainbox
TRAINBOX transport box for 1 gauge freight wagons
Wagon chest LGB 80cm Trainbox
TRAINBOX Coaches Transport Box 80cm with J&M Models Orient Express coaches
Stackable model train boxes TRAINBOX
Space for 30 long gauge 1 passenger cars on just 0.6 cubic meters!
Transport box freight wagons G LGB gauge
Transport box for model railway freight wagons
Transport box for freight wagons, gauge 1
Chest for freight wagons
Locomotive transport box made of wood
Wagon transport boxes made of wood, made to measure, for model railway wagons in gauge 1, gauge 2, gauge 0 and gauge G / LGB


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