The carpenter

As a trained carpenter with a journeyman’s certificate and a passionate model railroader for more than 35 years, I have combined my hobby and job with the TRAINBOX. Many years of personal experience in the often laborious transport of large locomotives and wagons motivated me to develop the TRAINBOX:

A locomotive box for large model railways must above all be safe, light and stable! 

Every screw, every handle means additional weight. All of these experiences flowed into the development of the TRAINBOX and resulted in a locomotive box with an integrated locomotive carrier that is second to none.  So it can be said with proud:

A locomotive box couldn’t be made lighter or more compact!

TRAINBOX loco box gauge 1 inventor
The first self-built Aster gauge 1 live steam locomotive, around 1994
Certificate of apprenticeship
Carpenter's apprenticeship certificate from 1996

Carpenter's Desktop with railroad

Journeyman's piece Desktop
Journeyman's piece desktop 1996
Journeyman's piece Desktop with Märklin Model Railway
Desktop with Märklin model railway

Carpenter family since 1927

Father and grandfather were passionate craftsmen, joiners and wood sculptors.

Grandfather Gerhard von Ruckteschell (1894 – 1970) grew up in an artistically and intellectually stimulating environment. He studied music in Freiburg with Prof. Willibald Gurlitt and completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. In 1927 he received his master craftsman certificate. As the foreman of the wood sculptors in South Baden, he lived at the Black Forest and created many sculptures, crosses and the fool’s fountain in Kirchzarten.

At one of the world exhibitions, probably in Paris in 1937, Gerhard v. Ruckteschell obtained a patent for a special type of wood-carved cuckoo clock: Black Forest house with figures, which he made in different variations as individual pieces. One of these cuckoo clocks still hangs in the TRAINBOX workshop in Hamburg today and reminds us of the past.

And another grandson, Nicolai von Ruckteschell, later completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter.

Gerhard von Ruckteschell Kirchzarten
Gerhard von Ruckteschell, Kirchzarten, January 1962
Gerhard von Ruckeschell: Cuckoo clock with Black Forest house and figures
Cuckoo clock with Black Forest house and figures
Wooden train Gerhard von Ruckteschell
Wooden train by Gerhard von Ruckteschell (around 1945)


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